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Staffing Vacancy: Junior Teacher

We are currently looking to hire a junior teacher for 2021 and beyond.

Primary teacher (new entrant, junior); Full-time, permanent

We are seeking an experienced Y0-2 teacher for free play based, child led learning in a democratic school, where children choose their own learning contexts and help to run their school. Learning largely emerges from play and curiosity; we also teach literacy and numeracy skills in small groups. Our learning culture is one of expectation and inclusion but not compulsion.

Classes often contain a range of ages and they occur both inside and outside. Timatanga is a full primary of 28 students with a teaching principal and two staff supported by daily whanau involvement.

We are seeking the right person to teach:

  • Y0-2 literacy and numeracy in both skills groups and integrated curriculum (mornings)

  • Y0-2 Te Whaariki curriculum

  • Y0-8 supporting play, provocations and child led learning and sharing what you are into (afternoons)

Experience sought: Playcentre or similar play and provocation based learning a must. Experience with Te Whaariki curriculum, hand-making/handcraft, early literacy, music, outdoor experiential education, Te Reo preferred.

Qualities sought: Emotional intelligence, the ability to be self-reflective and collaborative; the ability to teach responsively and to learn from, and with, your students, creative, passionately interested in teaching practice as an inquiry into the nature of true learning.

Start Term 1, 2021

Junior Teacher application form:

PDF: TT application form (to print and write)

WORD: TT application form (to type directly into document)

Our Waiting List Has Reopened

The Ministry of Education recently granted us a roll increase to 30 students. Our waiting list is now open from 2023 onwards (for any age, not just 5 year olds). Get onto our waiting list.

Attend our next open day–see “Events” below.



If you are interested in the possibility of Timatanga as a school for your children, you might enjoy popping in to our open day. This is the first day of term, which is always a day of free play, making it an ideal time to meet staff and be shown around. All children welcome. Please let the principal know if you are intending to come along:

Open Days in 2021

TBD; the first one will be in early March 2021.