Our Staff

At Timatanga we have the following teachers:

Eve Tonkin: a full-time teacher, who is also our principal. Eve teaches Years 3-8. Before becoming the principal, she was a parent at the school. She is also a writer and an author of children’s books, and she has a creative approach to teaching literacy that children usually enjoy.

Sue Scarf: a part-time teacher-aide who teaches the Year 1-2 children, and also clothing technology to the entire school. She is a fully trained Playcentre person with long experience of alternative education, and she has over 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry. Sue is a nurturing “mother hen” who creates a calm and happy creative space that children thrive in.

Jackie Howard: a part-time teacher who runs our Maths programme and teaches Maths and Science. Jackie has a background in Playcentre and Montessori, and her creative and “hands on” approach to teaching provides students with plenty of practical, empirical experiences as the basis for their learning.